In 1986 I began working at a local newspaper and subsequently began viewing life through the viewfinder of a camera. Since that time I have always had an affinity for photography - the art of capturing life moments - of stopping time. Story-telling without words. Each photograph tells each person who views it something different. It's a beautiful thing that inspires people and keeps memories for all to see and share from that moment on. I've always tried to view things a little differently than most folks and hope that my photography reflects just that.

Over the years I have photographed various subjects from people and scenery to sports and events and even some product photography. Black and white, color and everything in between. Having a graphics and web design background hasn't hurt either.

Each session is different because each subject is unique. Whether it's children (I really enjoy just following children around with the camera, watching them interact with their environment, in short - living) or grown-folks enjoying a special day.

If you want to schedule a session, please email me or give me a call!

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